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CPA Welcome       

 We are a Total Air Solutions company providing Engineered

Solutions for Compressed Air Generation and Treatment;

 Process Drying; Industrial Automation; Air Energy Management;

Energy saving Air Barriers; Process Cooling; Vacuum Application;

Dry ice blasting; Steril-Aire UVC Emitters.


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CPA  is continuously developing by adding new brands in its portfolio and is introducing world class leaders to the UK market.

CPA brings you the safest choices for energy and operating costs savings, along with other numerous benefits for your facilities.      

Our products and Services are customized to individual needs and uses.      

Our aftercare service is unrivalled with our genuine 24-hour cover and agreed response times in the event of problems.


Guaranteed time on site 

18 Hours

Achieved actual average time Week 40





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                   CPA Group is an official member of British Compressed Air Society.

Visit BCAS website for more information on the Compressed Air Industry.

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